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This page is underway at last. I have some cool reviews for you to indulge you eyes. Please send your comments to the authors, they will be glad of some feedback for their effort. I still urgently need more reviews and previews of any strategy game, please contact me and your review, if good enough, will be here in a flash. Summaries and screenshots of strategy games can be found below.

Total Annihilation


Here are some summaries of Games, these are not proper reviews, just a brief explanation accompanied by a few screenshots.

Please send a small summary of your strategy game, briefly say the aim of the game and some features, plus it's pros and cons. I will post the summary on the site along with a screenshot or two. All strategy games are wanted, however recent or old the game.

Dune 2000 screenshot


This is a new section to the site. I hope to have many more cool screenshots of loads of games in the near future. Your suggestions are welcome.


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