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I'll start off by pointing out the good parts to Warwind. There's some nice artwork concerning the character's faces, presented on the menu-bar, Warcraft style. You also get "taverns" and the like, where enspired street-bums come to join your ranks. That's where it stops. There is some inovative ideas, but they are just not done well enough. You can have some sort of "Formation Patrol", but it is too hard to get it working to be of any use. And since you can only have a limited number of units doing the patrol, they get whipped when they find something anyway.

Any vehicle that you build needs a unit to move. Realistic, maybe, but if you trundle over to the enemy base, and get all your troops to pour out, when you get whiped you lose your expensive vehicles because they cant move. Also, imagine you have one vehicle. It's pretty big. Now, divide the map up into squares the size of the Vehicle. it takes one of these squares to turn 45 degrees. that is shocking. And since they never seem to reverse, you get all your Vehicles stuck in your base trying to get out.

Every side has the same buildings, with different artwork, and different names. Therefore the manual has stuff like this "Now, build your House/Home/Dwelling/Hut/Shack to house your units" It may make sense when you read it, but you dont know which name applies to your side, so the manual is pretty useless if you are going to use it.

The artwork is pretty bog-standard, but not terrible. There are some nice rendered pics of your guys before and after missions, and you also get to carry some men over into the next mission.

All in all, you'd be better off getting Warcraft if you like this thing (It's cheap, and virtually the same), but if you want to do it in style, get Total Annihilation.


Reviewed by Axeman
Review Date 11th December 1998
Copyright Axeman 1998

Thank you Axeman for this review!


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